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Near Zero Maine

A Less Expensive Way to Build:

With extra insulation, high performance windows and tight construction costing $7,000, you no longer need a $13,000 heating system. A $2,200 heat/ac system will do. This is the "Tipping Point." You have an extra $3,800 and will spend 2/3 less on future utility costs. Use your savings to add Renewable Energy and your home will pay almost all your utility costs.

DOE-certified Challenge Home

219 Stone Road

Vassalboro, ME 04989

Two bedroom, two bath, 1200 sq. ft.


   •   $10 monthly utility bill.

   •   Sits on 1 acre of rich, fertile farm land.

   •   Custom-built with a clean, clear design.

   •   All utilities are electric/solar.

   •   Located between the coast and ski resorts

   •   Easy commute to Augusta or Waterville

Low Maintenance:

   •   Standing Seam Roof- no snow build-up or ice jambs.

   •   Natural White Cedar Siding- never needs painting.

   •   Heating System - no annual servicing required.

   •   Air Conditioning - no annual servicing required.

219 Stone Road

Vassalboro, ME 04989


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